President Nano Addo of Ghana stunned the Swiss Government and the Chocolate Industry when he announced that Ghana will cease to export cocoa beans to Switzerland (source and here)

Why we started Impact Rooms and the Africa Blockchain Center

For those who know me, I love two things: Swiss chocolate (by far Geneva’s Charlie Ganache is the best) and bringing prosperity to Africa (I wrote about this here and here).

So when President Nano Addo announced earlier this year that Ghana will stop exporting their cocoa beans, he did not start a trade war (that is something the US does)…

After a long (3am-7am Eastern Time) debate about blockchain (>750 listeners), this afternoon 4 of the 5 “room” discussions were about Bitcoin. The pic above is a screenshot of the app’s main feed, aka “hallway”

Clubhouse is more than an application, it is the most important “blockchainized” social experiment going on now

Much has been written lately about Clubhouse, including here on Medium. In a nutshell, it is the only voice-based social media application, filling a niche where text (like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Reddit) and image/video applications (Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Snapchat) rule.

Still in beta version, its celebrity-studded, exclusive, invite-only buzz has created some serious FOMO (fear of missing out), especially among those who are “glued” to their social media platform.

But I am not one of them.

The only social media platform I use…

Camel Theory is about being productive, frugal and responsible in a harsh environment, without losing strength and focus (John Kamara, 2020)

*Western, Educated, Industrialized, Rich, Democratic; **Universal Health Income;*** Capital adequacy, Asset quality, Management, Earnings, Liquidity, and Sensitivity

For most of us 2020 will be remembered as annus horribilis, and as we continue to argue what are the best measures to combat COVID-19, one thing we all agree is that our response, especially in the US, is abysmal.

Whether this frailty is inherent to capitalism or a consequence of a leadership void, the recommendations of what state and federal governments need to do to control the pandemic remain consistently simple: (1) restrict travel, (2) impose social distancing, and (3) increase the…

For a new world to rise don’t send #Love tweets. Instead join the demonstrations and protect Black people from the police, donate money to Black politicians or help pay legal fees for people unjustly arrested and don’t talk to relatives or friends until they too, will be part of this change (photo taken from my apartment in NYC)

DLT primitives and decentralization can alleviate the racial disparities of medical, social and economic determinants of Health

On June 2, Axios reported that according to Google Trends “George Floyd” overtook “coronavirus” as the most popular search (below), and that in the span of a week, our interest in health and economic pain, shifted to social and systemic pain.

Probably one of the most iconic and frightening paintings ever made dated circa 1562, The Triumph of Death by Pieter Bruegel the Elder housed in The Museo del Prado in Madrid, depicts the end of the post-bubonic world (Jon Meacham, Pandemics of the Past, NYT)

Why Blockchain is the “DNA therapy” for Healthcare Economics

The reddish-brown tone of Bruegel’s “Triumph of Death” over earthly things (above), gives his army of skeletons an infernal stage that offers both the poor and rich, no hope. This sense of post-pandemic despair is appropriate, as we witness helplessly in the US the loss of over 100,000 lives and 40 million new unemployment applications, representing the total collapse of our health and economic systems.

But pandemics end and it is necessary to use these times as an opportunity to re-imagine our future (I write about this here).

History has shown…

Like 9/11, COVID-19 will change air-travel forever (image)

Why self-sovereign identity (SSID) is central to our private and secure future

Air travel will never be the same after COVID-19. Just as since 9/11 we do not step on-board unless assured there are no weapons, we too, will seek a virus-free travel. Although TSA officers will continue to check our passports (and perhaps temperature), we might also start seeing Transport Health Authority officials (THA), examining our health status, based ideally on international health screening and sanitation standards, led by global entities like IATA, ACI and the WHO.

However, beyond the hassle of an even earlier check-in for disinfection tunnels…

There are quite a few plans to save our lives and the economy. The only thing left to do is execute it. (image; Harvard TH Chan, School of Public Health)

The World Happiness Report on: Subjective Wellbeing, Urban-Rural Divide, Sustainable Development Goals, and how Blockchain can help fix all this

As we enter the tenth week of COVID-19 in NY, there are indications that the number of sick are decreasing and that a persistent 14-day decline in hospitalizations and deaths; hospital vacancies and ICU bed availabilities at 30%; at least 30 virus tests per 1,000 residents a month; and at least 30 working contact tracers per 100,000 residents; are sufficient criteria to reopen the city for business.

Yet as NY case counts are decreasing, many States remain vulnerable and most…

We must repaint a post-COVID world with a style we never used before (Jacques Vallotton, image)

Using Blockchain will create resilient health, economic and social future

History rhymes during the crisis.

  • Venice, a major 15th-century commercial hub knew that quarantining (from Italian: Quaranta giorni or 40 days), plague-stricken people on the Island of Lazzaretto Vecchio, was the only way to allow the economy to survive the Black Death.
  • Dr. Tuttle (the Dr. Fauci of 1918) experienced during the Spanish Flu, the same resistance to his calls for social distancing, even though President Wilson was sickened by it and forgone his post World War I negotiations.
  • September 11th was a single day that exposed the frailty of…

I was dreaming of being tested (vivid dreaming is on the rise) (image)

Only when Privacy Preserving Technologies are Decentralized they become Dignity Preserving Technologies

I had a vivid dream where I was taken against my will to the emergency field hospital at Javits Convention Center, after a positive contact tracing signal and no available tests turned me into a “health risk”. As I entered the makeshift facility with no valid immunity passport, soldiers handcuffed me with an electronic bracelet, that I couldn’t remove…

I woke up checking if a number wasn’t tattooed on my forearm…

Luckily the facility at Javits Center is closing, centralized government-sponsored contact tracing is seriously being reconsidered, and…

Doctors, nurses, paramedics and volunteers soldier through, day and night with little rest. PPE (personal protective equipment) is saving their lives (NYT Magazine, April 12, 2020)

In this time of crisis we face a choice between digital surveillance and citizen empowerment. This is why Blockchain really matters.

Dr. Bernard Rieux heads a small hospital in the coastal town of Oran and works long hours treating patients. He was the first to urge authorities to take action to stop the spread of the disease that if left untreated, could kill half his town’s population. Even when a quarter of the city was dying, Dr. Rieux still kept doing his job, because decency redeems not just the individual, but all of humanity.

“It may seem a ridiculous idea”…

Dr. Alex Cahana

Veteran, Philosopher, Physician who lived 4 lives in 1. UN Healthcare and Blockchain expert. Health Analyst, Quantum Economics, Partner, BTBlock

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