The Orville is a science fiction comedy TV series created by Seth MacFarlane (right), that describes the journey of USS Orville, an exploratory spaceship in the 25th century. A parody of Star Trek, it brings up serious issues like: social inequality, racism, gender identity, injustice, misinformation, and violence in a utopian post-monetary universe (Source)

Connecting History, Blockchain, Timechain and Society

President Nano Addo of Ghana stunned the Swiss Government and the Chocolate Industry when he announced that Ghana will cease to export cocoa beans to Switzerland (source and here)

After a long (3am-7am Eastern Time) debate about blockchain (>750 listeners), this afternoon 4 of the 5 “room” discussions were about Bitcoin. The pic above is a screenshot of the app’s main feed, aka “hallway”

Camel Theory is about being productive, frugal and responsible in a harsh environment, without losing strength and focus (John Kamara, 2020)

For a new world to rise don’t send #Love tweets. Instead join the demonstrations and protect Black people from the police, donate money to Black politicians or help pay legal fees for people unjustly arrested and don’t talk to relatives or friends until they too, will be part of this change (photo taken from my apartment in NYC)

Probably one of the most iconic and frightening paintings ever made dated circa 1562, The Triumph of Death by Pieter Bruegel the Elder housed in The Museo del Prado in Madrid, depicts the end of the post-bubonic world (Jon Meacham, Pandemics of the Past, NYT)

Like 9/11, COVID-19 will change air-travel forever (image)

There are quite a few plans to save our lives and the economy. The only thing left to do is execute it. (image; Harvard TH Chan, School of Public Health)

We must repaint a post-COVID world with a style we never used before (Jacques Vallotton, image)
  • Dr. Tuttle (the Dr. Fauci of 1918) experienced during the Spanish Flu, the same resistance to his calls for social distancing, even though President Wilson was sickened by it and forgone his post World War I negotiations.
  • September 11th was a single day that exposed the frailty of…

I was dreaming of being tested (vivid dreaming is on the rise) (image)

Dr. Alex Cahana

Veteran, Philosopher, Physician who lived 4 lives in 1. UN Healthcare and Blockchain expert. Health Analyst, Quantum Economics, Partner, BTBlock

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