For a new world to rise don’t send #Love tweets. Instead join the demonstrations and protect Black people from the police, donate money to Black politicians or help pay legal fees for people unjustly arrested and don’t talk to relatives or friends until they too, will be part of this change (photo taken from my apartment in NYC)

The Road From COVIDisparity to COVIDignity Goes Through Blockchain

Last week “George Floyd” overtook “coronavirus” as the most popular search on Google (image)

“…Racism is nothing short of a public health crisis…”

#1: COVID-19 is having a disproportionate impact on Black Americans

Poor Black America is most likely to die from COVID-19 (source)

In other words, the very people that are most essential to help us all survive— are also those who are the least paid and most exposed to the risk of infection.

#2: The US Healthcare system is not broken, it needs to be replaced

Racial disparity disparity is as high or higher than was in 1963 (Source)
AHIP infographic (source)

#3: Now is the time for the Great Reset with Blockchain

Everything you need to know about Self-Sovereign Identity and Decentralized Identifiers (Source)

Final Thoughts: Immanuel Kant to the rescue

The imperative is simple. Never instrumentalize anyone. Ever. Period. It doesn’t make sense.



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